Q.) Is it possible to improve picture quality if my original is in poor shape?
   A.) Yes, we have many options available. Digital prints can end up being better than the originals.

Q.) Is your equipment safe for old, brittle documents?
   A.) Yes, our scanning equipment is very sophisticated and treats documents gently.

Q.) What file formats are supported for plotting?

Q.) What is the largest size output you could produce?
   A.) We can print black/white & color documents up to 36” wide and unlimited length.

Q.) What about making half-size copies of single pages or complete sets? Is that something you do?
   A.) Yes, we can make reductions to a different scale or reduce the size of the page to fit into your briefcase, portfolio, etc. for a quick reference sheet or set.

Q.) I need a large sign or banner. Can you do this?
   A.) Yes, we can make black/white enlargements up to 36” wide by any length on paper for posters or banners.

Q.) What payment options do you accept?
   A.) Cash, checks, credit cards (visa/master/discover).

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